Peach and Umber Salon offers natural hair services like Locs, Twists and Curly styles. There is also an online store, where you can purchase beauty and lifestyle products for décor, accessories and creativity. These products are meant to add expression and a sense of inventiveness. When you wear these styles you should feel high in spirt.



I'm Shaniqua Johnson, also known as Nene. I am an omnivert who has discovered that I am not alone in this ever changing world. Although I enjoy my personal space, I do like to connect with like-minded individuals or people that simply make my heart smile. 

Peach and Umber was created with my family in mind. Peach representing Georgia; where I was raised, and Umber representing my family roots (Blackfoot Cherokee). My friends and associates always compliment my earthy style and the ambiance in my home. When it comes to decorating I like for my space to take me on a spiritual journey and help me connect to my senses. Whether it be through certain objects, music or art. 

When I created Peach and Umber I thought about all of the individuals out there that enjoy creating happy spaces or just like to have certain items around them that remind you to stay grounded and level.

Thank you for your support. <3